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Job - General Manager

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Job Information

  • Job Title
    General Manager
  • Job ID
  • Job Type
  • Location
  • Salary Range
    $130,000 - $160,000
  • Benefits
    10 Sick Days per year + Dairy Cell Phone (Farm Use Only) + Housing with utilities + Insurance / Employee & Immediate Family + Paid Vacation + Vehicle (Farm use only)

- A 4-year degree in an agricultural related field with 3-5 years of dairy management experience on a 1500+ cow operation, or 10+ years of dairy management experience on a 1500+ cow operation.
- The ability and desire to be a working General Manager who can step in alongside the dairy’s team members or fill in where/when necessary to train and/or complete the day-to-day work. Examples of this would include, but are not limited to hospital treatments, fresh pens, calving assistance, veterinary checks, etc.
- Experience developing and maintaining a healthy farm culture, which makes the dairy a place where team members:
1. Feel respected and safe.
2. Have the tools and support to be successful.
3. Want to work.
- Well-developed written and oral communication skills
- Experience with DairyComp305, Feed Watch or other feed software (e.g. EZ Feed or Milc), Microsoft Office Suite, and experience with herd monitors (e.g. Nedap, CowManager, SCR) a plus
- The ability to work cooperatively and maintain full transparency with the Managing Partner. Regular management meetings with the Managing Partner are part of this position.
- The ability to build and maintain a productive relationship with the farm’s veterinarian(s), nutritionist, and other consultant(s), for the betterment of the farm.
- Barn equipment and able to troubleshoot issues
- Agricultural Spanish, at a minimum
- Organized, self-starter, and detail oriented
- Able to lift 50 pounds

Job Description:

Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT is representing a large dairy operation located in Colorado who is searching for a General Manager to oversee the day to day operation.

This individual will be responsible for establishing and maintaining best management practices for the dairy operation, in keeping with the standards of the industry, creamery and ownership. These tasks include, but are not limited to:
  • All elements of the dairy operation including shop oversight and facility maintenance/upkeep
  • Total herd health care (all ages)
    • (General Manager is not expected to breed cows)
  • SOP development, employee training, and quality control
  • Write job descriptions and develop a balanced organizational structure
  • Maintaining complete, consistent, and clear herd records
  • Developing a productive and safe working environment
  • Hiring/Firing, discipline, and documentation
  • Employee scheduling
  • Bi-annual team member performance and wage reviews (with the Managing Partner)
  • Parlor monitoring, protocols, efficiency, and maintenance
  • Total compost bedding management
  • Participate in regular management meetings with the Managing Partner, to promote a cooperative working relationship
  • Generate, provide, and review monthly dairy performance reports with the Managing Partner
  • Keep current feed inventories and provide monthly inventory audit reports to the Managing Partner
  • To review and monitor monthly P&L and expenses to better understand how to streamline practices and improve the bottom-line
  • Work with local, state, or federal agencies/inspectors that pertain to the dairy operation
  • Other responsibilities/tasks as defined by the Managing Partner, based either upon the successful applicant’s abilities or the farm’s need

Contact Info:
To be considered for this position, please select the appropriate button listed below or call Kirk Hansen at 308-382-7370.
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