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Have any questions? Feel free to contact us
Have any questions? Feel free to contact us


Reference Number: NA-1830683225

Business Development Manager / Sales Manager / International

Candidate Description:

Business Development Manager/Sales Manager seeking a new and challenging role within the Crop Nutrition industry. - 15+ years of experience in Business Development, Sales, Marketing and Team Management across a number of industries and territories in the U.S., Canada, LATAM and Europe - Experience selling nitrogen, phosphate and water-soluble products - Ability to build a territory from scratch - Results-Driven - A People Person - Bilingual: English/Spanish - Excellent letter of recommendation from former supervisor - Available immediately - Seeking $105,000+
Contact Info:

If you would like to consider this candidate for your position, please refer to their Reference Number and contact Dianne Countryman at [email protected] or call 308-381-4815.