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Have any questions? Feel free to contact us
Have any questions? Feel free to contact us


Reference Number: NA-1078159887


Candidate Description:

Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT is representing this candidate with a strong background in manaement and having knowledge in all phases of cattle –cow-calf, yearling, feedlot, organic, natural, grass-fed, and sport cattle. We believe that he could make a significant contribution in helping your operation meet and achieve its goals. He has a great understanding of day-to-day general ranch practices, which includes haying, maintenance, and practicing holistic land management. He also has a professional business sense while working with others and paying attention to detail. This candidate has managed a large-scale cattle and hay ranch in northeastern California. He helped improve the infrastructure and cleaned up the ranch, but it ended up being sold a year later. The haying operation, which grew orchard grass and orchard grass-alfalfa mix, was very profitable and he oversaw all transactions and management of the fields. Unfortunately, the new owners did not need a manager due to the fact that they wanted their own family to run it. Along the way, since then, he been a ranch caretaker; taken care of cattle for other people; advised in cattle nutrition, and mineral and supplement sales. He has been involved in local, and state, beef associations. This includes working closely with BLM and Forest Service on cattle permits. NRCS has even put him in charge to help set up and oversee a watershed and on several occasions, he's worked alongside NRCS to develop land management techniques for different ranches that he's been involved with. He at that time in his life where he knows what he wants and who he is. His family is complete and family is very important to him. He has 3 kids and his wife has a teaching credential and a Master’s degree, and has been teaching the last 12 years. She still always finds time to be involved with ranch work. She can help doctor and brand cattle, cook meals, and entertain guests. She was raised with a strong ranching background and was even on a livestock judging team when she was in college. This candidate is a man of integrity and tact, who is capable of doing whatever needs to be done, and he is able to perform many tasks while dealing with people in a friendly, courteous manner. He has also, always stayed current with the trending ranch practices, whether it be by teaching students or going to seminars.
Contact Info:

If you would like to consider this candidate for your position, please refer to their Reference Number and contact Eric Hansen at [email protected] or call 308-382-7351.