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Job - Director Farm Operations

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Job Information

  • Job Title
    Director Farm Operations
  • Job ID
  • Job Type
  • Location
    Congo, Africa
  • Salary Range
    $ - $125,000
  • Commission / Bonus
    Possible Bonus
  • Benefits
    Fully Furnished 3-4 Bedroom Luxury Duplex

- BS Agricultural Degree or minimum 2 Year college technical degree in Crop production, Management or Ag related field preferred or 12+ years of experience managing large farms through school of hard knocks
- Commitment to excellence and high standards especially in terms of providing excellent results to land owners
- Experience managing 10-15+ individuals in a fast pace environment
- Ability to take initiative and work independently using effective time management and organizational skills
- Professional appearance and demeanor
- Proven track record of being safe, dependable and reliable
- Ability to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing with co-workers and customers for safety purposes
- Strong organizational, multi-tasking, problem-solving, and analytical skills. Physical ability to lift, carry, push and pull 60 pounds (minimum) weight requirements
- Good mechanical skills and aptitude
- Prefer pivot irrigation operation and maintenance experience
- Supervisory experience
- Position will require a hands-on working manager
- Solid production management experience required
- Direct planting, chemical/fertilizer application, harvesting, record keeping, etc.
- Inspection of equipment to ensure proper function
- Inspect fields to determine maturity dates of crops or to estimate potential crop damage
- Work with President on purchases of machinery, equipment, and supplies and other inputs
- Enforce safety regulations and interpret policies
- Make decisions, solve problems, analyze information, and evaluate results
- Organizing, planning, and prioritizing work
- Monitoring and controlling resources and management of material resources
- Appraise crop rotation, herbicide, pesticide, and fertilizer
- Ensure all documentation is securely entered into the appropriate management information and electronic file systems
- Partner with internal and external resources to ensure that all services and projects are timely delivered and completed effectively
- Prioritize and delegate projects and oversee ongoing progress
- Report all farm related expenses and work closely with the President and office staff
- Strong communications, team building, integrity, work ethic, multi task, and ability to think outside the box


Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT is searching for a Director of Farm Operations for this Start-Up in Republic of Congo, Africa. Typical duties and areas of responsibility Director of Farm operation is a hands-on operations and management role. You should have experience operating all farm machinery, including tractors, planters, combines, grain storage systems, fuel, etc. Responsible for creating a staffing plan. Responsible for managing all the critical schedule requirements of the farm, including, but not limited to, planting, growing, and harvesting to coincide with delivery schedules. Ensuring the consistency and quality of products required by our customers. Ensuring the delivery of products per customer’s specifications. Jointly (with other company principals) manage customers' expectations to ensure the success of all customer relationships, both domestically and internationally. Staffing Responsible for managing, hiring, and training subordinate farm workers, farm budget, and profit and loss. The director of Operations will have two management subordinates who are experienced US farm managers. One will hold the title Assistant Director of Farm Operations. The other will be a manager. The Assistant Director will be with the manager on any shift. The farm operations will also train local staff in all aspects of the operation. The director will determine how many local staff members are needed for the operations. The director will make hiring decisions. The company's VP will negotiate pay and benefits with the director’s picks. Manage Farm Equipment Ensure that farm employees are fully trained in using equipment that falls within their range of duties. Ensure equipment is maintained correctly and ready for each shift. Supervise repairs when necessary and ensure that down equipment does not adversely affect operations. Ensure that safety is maintained throughout operations. Work Environment The director of Farm Operations is responsible for maintaining a disciplined, positive work environment. Ensure that all direct reports are kept abreast of developments regularly. Attend weekly meetings to advise of opportunities and challenges managed by the company's VP. Ensure that the Deputy Director of Farm Operations position is fully integrated into the flow of the farm operations and can step in without missing a beat when and if necessary. Fuel The director will ensure that all fuel-power requirements for the farm are proactively anticipated and managed. This includes gas for the grain system and diesel fuel for equipment. generators. The actual task can be delegated to one of the managers. Education and Experience A minimum of a dozen years of farming experience, including in-depth knowledge and experience in planting, growing and harvesting corn. Formal farm education, including a BS or higher Agricultural or relevant degree. Education and Experience A minimum of a dozen years of farming experience, including in-depth knowledge and experience in planting, growing and harvesting corn. Formal farm education, including a BS or higher Agricultural or relevant degree. Ability to manage a large startup farm operation.

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